änergy Laser Shootout! - Team Building
a real-life combat simulation laser tag game

for Kids Birthday Party, Corporate Teambuilding or Private Groups.

Laser Shootout! Team Building
(Combat Simulation Teambuilding)

Laser shootout! teambuilding activities are designed by änergy fun engineers pte. ltd., who has extensive experience in conducting corporate teambuilding programmes. änergy has been organising and conducting teambuilding events for SMEs, non-profit organisations, government agencies and MNCs since early 2003. If you wish to explore other indoor and outdoor teambuilding programmes that änergy has to offer, you may follow this link.

Laser shootout! team building involves getting participants to band together in teams to complete different combat-simulation scenarios. The scenarios are of increasing complexity, and will require participants to assume diverse responsibilities and exploit different strategies to overcome each unique situation.

Through laser shootout! teambuilding, fundamental qualities like leadership, and important team values like planning before execution, communication, coordination and motivation can be imparted or reinforced. During the debrief session, we will reinforce positive behaviours exhibited by the participants, and also refer to observations made on our other participants.

Corporate Booking: Laser Tag League Tournament

Alternatively, we are also able to plan competitive leagues for your company, for team bonding purposes. We offer the option of either giving players rest time when it’s not their turn to battle, or we could engage them in our ‘side shows’, where they accomplish other tasks whilst awaiting their turn for the laser shootout! action.

Fun Laser Shootout! For Smaller Group Sizes

Fret not, if you do not have a group size large enough to hold a tournament. We are able to accommodate group sizes as small as 10 players with our fun laser shootout sessions.

Laser Shootout! Venue

The shootout! location can be in your office grounds, at a public park# near your office, or, if you are more particular about learning outcomes, we’d have to bring you to our usual playing grounds where the scenarios are appropriately planned out.

(#subject to approval from relevant authorities)

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