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Paintball & Laser Tag Made Simple

What is the difference between paintball games and laser tag games? In a nutshell, the key difference is that the former involves physical projectiles, whilst the latter does not.

Paintball weapons (known simply as ‘guns’ to the layman, or ‘markers’ to players), have some sort of propellant (usually compressed air) to project paintballs out to hit intended targets. Laser tag, on the other hand, typically uses infrared emitting devices so ‘invisible’ beams are being transmitted instead.


Something actually flies out of the equipment barrel when you press the trigger of the paintball weapon. As a result, players are required to wear safety face masks and torso protectors to ensure maximum safety for everyone. Even the paint pellets contain non-toxic, biodegradable dye, which is water-soluble, so your clothes would not be stained.

Paintball fans would testify of the thrill and sheer delight derived from dodging flying spherical paint pellets, and perhaps, also the kick of being stung by the same gelatin balls. However, the shortfall is that the misuse (either accidental or even intentional) of paintball markers can result in personal injury, sometimes leaving bruises or scarring.

Some people disfavour paintball because there are opportunities for cheating in a game. Since the equipment is manually operated by each individual player, a dishonest player could cheat by continuing to fire away despite being tagged out of the game. Worst, your opponents could overshoot (i.e. repeatedly fire at you) even though you have been eliminated in the game! Ouch!

Others may not be too comfortable wearing protective gear that providers issue because they feel it’s obstructive (but note that it is absolutely necessary for your own safety), or due to hygiene reasons (the vendors do actually get the gear thoroughly cleaned).

A legal restriction imposed on paintball in Singapore relates to the minimum age requirements, whereby all players must be 18 years or older. Minors of 14 to 17 years must get their parents to acknowledge and undersign the waiver, before they are allowed to participate. For all those below 14 years of age, you would just have to wait till you get a little older.

The venue for paintball is also regulated and one can only play at designated fields – of which there are only 2 in Singapore at present. Also, perhaps due to land scarcity in Singapore, current playing fields can only take up to 5 players aside (maximum 10 at one time). If you have a large group, you must be prepared to await your turn to participate.

Laser Tag

It could have been the advent of technology or even the popularity of series like Star Trek TM and Star Wars TM that brought about laser tag. Since its introduction in 1979, laser tag technology has progressed and today, there are both indoor and outdoor versions available. The significant differentiating factor from paintball is that laser tag relies on infrared-emitting targeting devices which carry an identifying signal. The infra-red light emitting diodes are as such used in common household remote controls. They are completely safe based upon current medical knowledge. The terms ‘laser’ or ‘lazer’ are merely marketing jargons used to evoke a more science fiction feel.

A major advantage of laser tag over paintball is that are no restrictions on playing field locations and age of players (at least not in Singapore).

Indoor Laser Tag
A familiar name to Singaporeans for indoor laser tag is none other than ‘Laser Quest’.  Laser Quest is owned by Versent Corporation, and has its corporate office is based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Indoor laser tag merges two classic games - hide & seek and tag, and injects a high-tech twist with its savvy arena set-up. Donned in a vest and armed with a handheld shooting unit, players move about in a darkly-lit environment with throbbing music, specialty lighting and fog machines to take down their opponents. Having individual scorecards also add to the fun.

The main disadvantage of indoor systems is that the equipment is specifically made for the dark, indoor environment for the guns to work effectively. The range of the guns is around 20 meters (66ft) or so.

Laser Shootout! Singapore
Technology has advanced drastically since the days of indoor systems. Today, the cutting-edge outdoor laser tag systems used in our laser shootouts! are fully operational in sunny Singapore, with weapon range going up to 305 meters (1,000 ft) in bright daylight!

The guns are also of realistic weight for realistic combat simulation. Number of rounds, number of magazines and number of lives are all electronically controlled, so when someone is shot enough times and is tagged out (runs out of lives), the weapon will be deactivated and the player cannot go around shooting anyone else.

All our laser shootout! guns come with added features that include ‘friendly fire’ setting, indoor or outdoor setting, and also independent gun scoring.

No Age Limits!
Even children as young as 5 years old can participate in our laser shootout! if they can carry the weight of our petite, but potent Razor. Youngsters may prefer our versatile XM-22, and stronger adults would adore our heavy-weight Charger.

No Pain, No Mess!
After the game, there is no special cleaning up required to keep Singapore's garden city clean. Just the usual, “pick up your own litter and place it in the bins provided.”

Do drop us an enquiry if you wish to know more about our birthday parties, corporate shoots, private group laser shootouts! or training programmes.

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