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Laser Shootout! Birthday Party

Birthdays are something close to our hearts, and a special moment we’d want to share fond memories of with our loved ones and close friends. We treasure birthdays too, and that’s why we have come up with Singapore's latest birthday party theme: Laser Shootout!

Children as young as 5 years old are able to participate in this game, as long as they are able to carry the weight of the gun to aim and shoot (we specially brought in the tiniest gun of the lot for our little friends).

A typical birthday party lasts about 1.5 hours to 2 hours, and participants play in 2 or 4 teams, depending on the group size. Already a popular birthday party sport in the United States and Australia, laser shootout! is poised to become one of the preferred birthday party games for locals as well as expatriates in Singapore!

Where Can Laser Shootout! Be Played?

Being operationally mobile means that laser shootout! has the flexibility to bring our equipment near you. Yes, we can transport all the necessary guns and gear to set the game up right in your backyard (if space allows), or we can set-up at a public park in Singapore (once permits are obtained from venue authorities). Do drop us an enquiry and we’d point you to a park near your home, or to one of our preferred locations.

We also conduct fun public fun shootouts where you can join other members of the public in the game. There are no minimum players required for public laser shootouts! at our specified date, time and location. If you wish to be part of our mailing list, just drop us an enquiry to indicate your interest, so we can update you on public fun laser shootout! sessions.

Are The Laser Guns Safe?

Technology of our laser shootout! equipment is somewhat similar to that of Laser Quest, the well-known indoor laser tag game. However, whilst Laser Quest utilizes harmless class one laser intended for cosmetic purposes, our laser shootout! equipment employs the use of advanced infra-red technology, which is very similar to the technology behind our television, hi-fi and car remote controls.

In addition, there are no projectiles ejected when you shoot from our equipment (meaning nothing physically flies out of the barrel of our guns when the triggered is pulled). The Health Sciences Authority of Singapore has further certified that the equipment are not arms under Part I of the Singapore Arms & Explosives Act, Chapter 13, because “no missile can be loaded and discharged from them and no noxious fumes or electricity are discharged from them when the trigger is pressed”. In other words, the guns are perfectly safe for usage under our directions, and even kids can safely play. There a no age restrictions for playing laser shootout!

How Does Laser Shootout! (Or Laser Tag) Work?

Mounted on each of the guns are sensors which pick up the coded infrared beams emitted by other guns and register the shots electronically.

Besides mimicking realistic number of rounds in a clip, and realistic reload time, the equipment generate interesting sound effects to indicate when you’ve been shot, and even lets out a long-drawn groan when you have run out of lives. A distinct advantage of laser shootout! is that you don’t have to sit out and wait for the game to end when you run out of lives, because you can simply get your gun reset by our crew and continue in the current game. It’s like playing a real-life computer combat shooting game!

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