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About Singapore GP

The Singapore Grand Prix (GP) is a motor race. It is a part of the FIA Formula One World Championship. The Singapore GP is scheduled to take place in the inaugural night race on the Marina Bay Street Circuit. The GP is the first street circuit that is designed in Asia for Formula One races.

The event has gathered a lot of controversies in the first time itself. The winner of the first Formula One edition of GP was Spaniard Fernando Alonso has gone through a lot of controversies. He was driving for the Renault team. After one year, it revealed that Nelson Piquet, his teammate, was instructed to crash on purpose by the team management to benefit the winner.

The Singapore GP will be there on the F1 calendar until the period of 2021 - follow here the current odds of this GP. The agreement was signed by the race organizers with Formula 1 management to extend the contract on the first day of the event in 2017. The previous extension contract was on effect until 2017. Since 2008, all the race editions have featured at least one safety car and a total of twenty-one safety cars. The race starts at midday under artificial lights. This is the standard time to start the European GP. The time moderates the extreme daytime temperature in the tropical climate.

History of the Singapore GP

The non-championship race was first organized in 1961. Initially, the race was known as the Orient Year Grand Prix. Next year, the race was organized with the Malaysian Grand Prix name. In 1965 after the independence of Singapore, the race that was organized at the Thomas Road circuit with a new name, the Singapore Grand Prix. The event was suspended in 1973 due to many reasons such as the increased traffic and unsuitability and high danger of track for racing. The inconvenience made people suffer due to close roads that become the key reason to discontinue the event. It caused many fatal accidents between 1972 and 1973.

Race Information

The race was first held in 1966 after the independence of Singapore. It is held twenty times to date. The driver who registered five times win is Sebastian Vettel and the most win constructor is Ferrari and Mercedes. They share the record of four times. The circuit length is 5.063 km (3.146 mi). The laps are sixty-one and the race length is 308.706 km (191.821 mi).

Track Description

Though the track has gone through some minor changes throughout, the basic layout has remained almost the same. The circuit is twisty that is considered slowest in Formula One running at any normal race distance over 305 km. That combines with proximity to walls that lead to frequent safety cars. It further extends the running while nearing the time limit of the race of two hours. The heavy braking zones, the bumpiness humidity, and the lack of daylights make the track challenging both for vehicles and drivers. The track comes with ninety-degree turns. However, the variability, technicalities, and quick direction changes offer more challenges to drivers. Overtaking is expected at the end of the first sector. In most parts, the car runs close to the walls.


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