Laser Tag Singapore - Kids Birthday Party, Corporate Team Building or Private Parties
a real-life combat simulation laser tag game
for Kids Birthday Party, Corporate Teambuilding or Private Groups.

änergy fun engineers pte ltd. proudly presents laser shootout! Singapore, the hottest outdoor laser tag experience! Embracing the industry’s state-of-the-art technology, this real-life combat simulation game promises an exhilarating adventure like no other!

änergy laser tag

It is a bleeding-edge hybrid of precision electronic sport and adrenaline-pumping combat simulation entertainment that bridges the gap between traditional indoor laser tag and paintball.

Cleverly adopting the advanced technology of it's indoor brethren and the robustness of paintball, this takes the specifications to a more sophisticated level.

Everyone Can Participate
Using technologically advanced weapons which can be operated by children, women and men alike. The infra-red technology behind our equipment parallels that used in our television, air-conditioner and car remote controls. It is safe for all ages as electronic guns are not considered firearms of any sort, given that there are no physical projectiles being discharged. This means that everyone – children, women and men – can participate in this activity, as long as you can carry our guns and are willing to play!

Even young children can be part of the game with a little help (with the carrying of the gun) and guidance from an adult guardian. In fact, this adult-child combination is useful for parent-child bonding, where the parent can impart some values to the child whilst engaging in play.

Team-Focused Missions
Like paintball, we emphasize on teams, not individuals. The focus is on team strategy and communication, team objectives and team scoring. It magnifies the need for people in a team to collaborate and communicate, so as to accomplish goals efficiently and effectively. Any group looking at strengthening team dynamics is assured that no one has to be excluded because of age limit or fear of pain.

Variety, Variety, Variety
We currently offer a choice of 3 different models of guns, each with their distinct capabilities. To add to the realism of equipment, the guns are of practical weight and are all equipped with real rifle scopes to assist with better aiming. We frequently perform maintenance checks to ensure the guns are at their optimal levels of accuracy, so we can consistently deliver the most satisfying combat simulation experience to you!

The nomadic nature of änergy laser shootout! offers the flexibility of different locations (and therefore also the variety of different terrains) instead of being restricted to a confined room or a fixed playing field.

No Unforeseen Costs
You are assured that there are no peripheral costs which may arise during the game in relation to ammunition. Once payment is made for the session, all ammunition is free-of-charge, so you would not have to consciously scrimp on how many shots you fire.

We are ideal for mixed groups where you have a myriad of ages, gender and fitness levels. There is no discrimination on who can participate because in actual fact, players with different styles and demographics can complement one another in the team. Do give us a tinker or drop us an email if you are interested.

Indoor Laser Tag & Paintball

Imagine the thrill of manoeuvring in a darkly-lit, labyrinth-styled room with pulsating music and strobe lighting, in prospect of launching a sneak attack on your adversaries before they first get to you…

Indeed, it is fun, painless, and can be excitingly intense. With a confined arena, they are able to design an electrifying atmosphere with light and sound effects, and can house centrally-controlled mines and sentinels to inject more fun into the game. There are even closed-circuit cameras which stream real-time action to screens for non-participants’ viewing, so others still can catch a piece of the action from outside the ‘battlefield’. The air-conditioned indoor arena also offers weather-proof comfort and respite from our tropical heat.

It also offers players individual score sheets and ranking. More often than not, this means that its focal point is on individualistic performance, rather than team efforts. If there was a company trying to build team camaraderie by engaging in indoor laser tag, the fact that individual ranking is tracked may tend to promote selfish play, where players attempt to make heroes of themselves and to choose the more prominent “attack” positions, rather than play with a team-focused strategy. This may somewhat defeat any notion of encouraging team work and team building.

There is also no assurance that players would leave the game feeling positive about themselves with individual scoring. The very last thing you want for a party is an individual score reflecting how the birthday lead could not measure up to his/ her guests.

Another possible downside of indoor laser tag systems is the restriction on the range of weapons available – having one type of weapon leaves no choice for the player. Moreover, having a one weapon model may no longer appeal to the new breed of urbane gamers who would very much prefer a range of models with characteristics that are "realistic" for each.

You should try it out for the suspenseful indoor atmosphere only it can offer – but mainly more for leisure outings or for proving your prowess against your buddies. After all, it sure does give your ego a nice boost (not to mention some bragging rights thereafter) to know that you are a better player than your peer.


The definite advantage of paintball over other combat simulation activities is the fact that you can literally get shot. If the sting of the tiny spherical gelatin balls was not real, you’d probably not be so genuinely vigilant and immersed in the game.

Paintball creates a platform for players (especially men) to flaunt their skillful dodging of whizzing paint pellets, careful maneuvering around obstacles and stealthy crawling towards objectives.

It’s more than just healthy physical exercise, because you get to work your mind as well, in terms of strategizing for survival and success. This is a team sport that emphasizes on planning, communication, and reliance on one another to achieve mission objectives.

However, paintball’s boon is also its bane. Whilst the pain of paintball heightens the realism and excitement level of the game, it is also the same reason why many avoid paintball, or have to be excluded from participating in it.

According to the Singapore law, all players must be 18 years or older. Minors of 14 to 17 years must get their parents to acknowledge and sign the tag waiver, before they are allowed to participate. Children below 14 are denied participation in accordance to safety regulations stipulated by law, because there are physical projectiles involved with the use of the equipment. Even with the due diligence of paintball field owners who provide high quality face masks and chest protectors to sufficiently protect the players, young children would have to wait till they reach legal age before they can experience this sport.

The legal guidelines governing paintball also restricts where you can engage in a game – only at the ‘authorised’ playing fields that have proper security measures.

There are also several less adventurous people, who would prefer to miss out from paintball to eliminate any remote chance of getting bruised by the paint pellets.

A possible bother with regards to paintball may be the costs related to buying paint pellets to fuel your incessant triggering. There is somewhat an inverse relationship between your trigger-happy finger and your wallet because ammunition is not limitless in paintball. Remember, you are not Rambo showering enemies with a machine gun, so be watchful of how you spray your pellets at your opponents.

If you are a thrill seeker who has some spare cash to spend, and prefers the fresh breath of the great outdoors and the kick of inflicting a small amount of pain (or have a reasonable threshold for receiving pain), then go experience paintball today!

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